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Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme                           

The Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme (RAWS) allows for the importation and supply of used specialist or enthusiast vehicles such as the Ford Escort Cosworth to the market in Australia. Under this scheme only a RAW can import a used vehicle into Australia.  Vehicles that are to be imported under the Personal Import Scheme such as people immigrating from the UK can apply to bring their vehicles with them. For these vehicles please refer to Vehicle Safety Standards Bulletin 10 (VSB10) Importing Vehicles into Australia.

Locating your own vehicle

 The first thing you have to do if you're going it alone is locate a car that you want to buy and make sure that it is eligible to be imported into Australia and can be complied. For a list of vehicles that can currently be imported and complied under RAWS click here. It is important to note also that a RAW can not comply a car that has been structurally damaged or rusted.

There are various car dealers or car sale websites in the UK you can search on the internet to try and find a suitable car. Once you have found a car you need to contact us to ensure the vehicle is suitable for compliance in our vehicle Ford ECAT Database then you can arrange payment for the seller in the UK. Once the car is paid for you will need to arrange for it to be transported to the shipping yard, arrange for the vehicle to be de-registered, obtain customs clearance or we can do this for you. You will also need to get an import approval for the vehicle in Australia from DOTARS. You cannot obtain this yourself - you must enter into a contract of compliance with us, and the RAW applies for the import approval. You are then bound to use that RAW to comply the vehicle,

The next part is to ship the car to Australia. Normally the car will have to wait for a few weeks until a ship departs. Vehicles can be transported either in containers or drive-on-drive-off transport. You have to decide whether the extra cost of a container is worth the benefit of knowing your car is safely locked away. It is also a good idea to get insurance which usually costs around 3.5% of the vehicle's value, however, some shipping companies offer insurance as part of the shipping costs. Shipping from UK to Australia usually takes about forty five days.

Once the vehicle lands on our shores you will need to pay import duties and import tax and get freight/customs clearance before the car can be released. Now the car has to be transported from the docks (remember it's not legal to drive on Australian roads yet) to the RAW that you have arranged to do the compliance work. After your car is complied and plated all you need to do is get it registered and then it is yours. The entire process generally takes between 10 and 16 weeks from transferring the funds to driving your new car into your driveway.


When importing a car you need to be aware that there are several more expenses than just buying the car. Here's a list of some extra expenses that may apply when importing a car (approximate only):   

Sea Freight & Customs Duty $4000-6000 AUD
Import Duty + 5-10%
GST +10%
Import Approval $50
Vehicle Cleaning $200
Dock Transfers $400
Compliance $9900





Vehicle Condition

For a vehicle is to be complied by a RAW, it must be fitted with original components (air intake, engine, exhaust, suspension, steering wheel amongst others). If the vehicle is non-standard, this will increase the cost of compliance as the RAW will need to return the vehicle to its standard production format.

 The vehicle must not have been involved in an accident that affects its structure or safety in any way. If the car has been damaged and repaired it should be inspected by us before purchase or shipping . The RAW is legally bound by very strict requirements as to the standard of vehicle they can comply. If a vehicle is damaged beyond these limits it must be exported or destroyed - it cannot be complied.



Once imported and through customs, the vehicle is delivered to the RAW who will inspect to ensure it is of acceptable standard, and if so, comply the vehicle. The most common things done during the compliance process are:

  • :: Brake fluid replacement
  • :: Fitting of new brake pads
  • :: Fitting of new tyres
  • :: Return the vehicle to manufacturer's specification (standard) format
  • :: Complete service (air, fuel and oil filters and fluids)
  • :: Fit a new catalytic converter
  • :: Fit an unleaded fuel filler restrictor and Unleaded Fuel label
  • :: Engine tune and test
  • :: Evaporative emission test
  • :: Exhaust emission test
  • :: Replace seatbelt if worn or incorrectly fitted
  • :: Fit child restraint anchorages and clip fittings
  • :: Check vehicle lights (head, brake, indicators) for conformity
  • :: Remove gas discharge headlights and replace with halogen headlights
  • :: Ensure that the vehicle is in roadworthy condition
  • :: Fit a Used Import Plate to the vehicle
  • These are just a few of the tasks required to comply the Escort Cosworth


After leaving the workshop the vehicle may still require internal and external detailing, minor paint repairs, and some minor work to ensure it meets the requirements for registration in your state.


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